New Birth of her life – A Bride

Posted: October 27, 2014 in Random

“Ladkiya Paraya Dhan Hoti Hain” an old line always comes from the heart of every girl’s parents. Marriage is a different feeling for a girl. She could not decide whether she should be happy or sad because one side she will go to the another world where she will find a new place and a new name of her life and on the other side she has to leave her parents and close once of her family forever. Really the parents of a girls should be saluted by everyone because they serve , care , and give good antiquates to a girl to make others happy.


On the other side when a bride is getting ready for her marriage there are lots of memories goes on her mind, all mess up, happinesses, illness, schools, crush as well as some times last love too. But apart from that memories, these feelings give her a new strength to live happy and to give a new and better lesson to her children too. It has been said that only a girl can hold a house together. Marriage of a girl is like a new birth for her cause everything she has taught in her life she has to use them to be a part of other’s life. To see her daughter as a bride is the dream of a girl’s parent because this is the best result of her love and care that she is going to a strange place and be a part of that home forever.

Although i am a boy but still i have seen and observed this feeling of a girl and trying to give some words to them which is truly respectable.


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