A girl in the rain….

Posted: November 2, 2014 in Random
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This is a story of last monsoon when I saw her first time; I was in the Jaipur and at the month of July when everyone wants some sprinkling cause of hot weather.

It was too hot on that day and everyone is praying for the rain, at that time I was in my balcony and thought about the many issues went on my life. I saw her very first time she was in her balcony of her home too and staring the sky as she is talking to direct lord Indra..i know it sounds funny but it’s true.

Her eyes were expressing everything that how was she is bothering about the summer and the hotness of the weather, I was gazing at her and notice every activity very sharply cause if I stared at her continuously then she might thought about me the most common word for boys – “Tharki”.


Finally as I said already that she was talking to the lord Indra directly, I understood it that lord Indra can’t ignore her cuteness and eagerness of such beauty. I felt some drops on my face suddenly, I saw towards the sky and I was amazed that there are lots of black clouds over the sky and ready for the heavy rain.

As we know that everyone loves rain I was also excited to see that, for the mean while it’s started raining, I saw toward her balcony but she was not there suddenly I saw a glimpse of her over the terrace so I ran away to my terrace to see her, I don’t know why I was doing these unusual activities; at that time nothing was going in my mind I just wanted to see her again at any cost, So I went to my terrace and I saw her in front of me.

I dint see such type of things in my life ever she was feeling the rain and dancing like a kid. I saw her mobile was put on the table and there is a song played in her cellphone. The Volume was slow so I dint listen clearly that song but some music was playing.

The best part of that scene is that she was playing her hairs again and again by putting them around her neck and then she was lost in thinking of something and suddenly smiled and started dance again and again. I was covering the whole incident into my eyes without noticed by her. After some time some little came over the terrace and started enjoying the rain. There were various different type of kids or I can say creature (lolzz), some were fatty some were little but all were very cute and energetic, even one of them was slapping on his tummy and dance like Salman Khan’s  “Dhinka Chika” song.

Everyone was feeling a great actor in themselves among them and did their own choreographed dancing steps and activities; I was unable to stop myself to laugh so I came out to the terrace. By sudden that girl in the rain saw me in the rain, I was feeling very nervous like I have done very serious sin. We saw into each other’s eyes and she started laughing by seeing to me, I was all confused that what is going on but then I realized that I was all wet in the rain cause of looking at her. I was escaping of being wet but in front of her cuteness I was wet in the rain. But somehow I was feeling good cause she noticed me at least (boys innocence notice karne par hi khush ho jate hain ).

Then she invited me to come there and enjoyed the rain and I was feeling like some angel was inviting me to the heaven. I went there near to her at that time we have met first time, we exchanged greetings and started dancing on many songs, on that I day I got my new friend in the city.

  1. pavi says:

    amazing story .. I m loving it .. 🙂

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