Ek Ajnabi…

Posted: December 7, 2014 in Random

Before starting I just want to tell you that this is a respectful thanks to one of my close and sweet friend who gave me inspiration for expressing the things in words. Hope you like it!

It was 12 in the night and I was in my bed sudden I found a ping on my Hike. Well it was a message of one of my old school friend after a long time. We used to talk in school days but after completion of study we have got out of reach in terms of contact. At that time I was totally out of my mind due to some tragedy and of course for my career issues so I was not feeling comfortable.

As I told you she was one of my school friends and you can’t hide anything with your friends. She also caught me and asked that is there everything alright? I was predicting that everything is cool but she insisted me to share with her so I told everything to her. After the end of whole conversation she advised me that Why don’t you come to Delhi and do something. I also felt that this can help me to get over from these circumstances so after one and half week I came to Delhi.

We were about to meet after 6 years so I was very excited. She invited me in a coffee bar near to her apartment so I went there. As we know that girls can’t come on time anywhere I had to wait almost half an hour. I had almost measured each and every corner of that coffee bar, sudden gate open and I saw my friend and I just said in me “WOW”.

With straight hair and slim figure she was looking so beautiful than before. She came with her friend who really attracted me towards her smile. They came to me and we exchanged greeting and sat down. “This is really an unpredictable thing that we are together after 6 years” my friend said. I nodded!

my inspiration

She introduced me with her best friend and roomie and all we three started talking. We were reminding our school days and cycle races and masti time whatever we used to do in school days.  In the middle of our conversation I was watching secretly to her as I told that I just love the way she smiled. I was enjoying and having good time after a long time.

I know you all are thinking that I was in love with that girl but this is not true I just wanted to her and want to make her my good friend. Even after that day we had chatted daily on Facebook and met but I dint feel anything in love type for her.

I don’t know whether I can write or not but I love to observe the things and express it in words. She had always forced me to write and use my writing skills more and more. I just wrote some quotes only but she helped me to write more as we used to talk daily and she scolded me that why you run away from this.

One day she called me and asked for the help in a very tense mode. I was very surprised that what happened so I asked her what sort of help you need. She replied that she needs an article based on real story urgently otherwise she will be scolded by her sir. So I just open my laptop and start writing for her without thinking of anything. At that time I dint know what to write so I explained her about my past complimentary with my feelings and send to her. When she read that article she regretted so much because she dint want to hurt me. Actually I was not hurt I was sharing about my past which she wanted to know. After that she called me and said that she was just predicting for making me realize that I can write and if i don’t start writing from now onwards for myself than I will lost her and I just don’t want to lose such a friend. So for her I made a blog which is in front of you – Heart Faces.  It’s a mirror of my views or imagination whatever I feel and now a day it has become my inspiration.

I can’t reveal her name due to some issues but I just want to thank her for being a part of my life. Sometimes strangers become inspiration for you as we met as strangers but within no time she has become one of my closest friends as I know her from her birth. I always wanted to write about her but I don’t have words to describe her even now I am totally blank to write about her.  I don’t know whether you will see it or not but you are the only inspiration of mine, thank you for everything you did for me.


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