Life is too short….

Posted: January 1, 2015 in Random

Life – as the word length is very small as its existence too but it teaches us many things. We always complaining with life that it has nothing meaning full but it has an empire of several activities. Basically it’s a cyclic process in which we get happiness and sorrow but behind each activity we get lots of new experiences.

I don’t know why I am writing this on the very first day of this year as today is the New Year and everyone wants to do party and have fun and I am writing this serious note but this is my experience till now that life is really too short as when I was a kid then I always expected that when I will be grown and enjoy like everyone does but now when I grew up then I want my childhood back.

Everyone always loves his childhood very much because at that time you don’t need to think and worry about anything regarding life, career, money, fame, and girlfriend (Of course the most serious topic now a days I must say).


As soon as we grow up life teaches us that it is not that easy and long, it’s too short and you have very less time to live it so live each moment as it’s your last either it’s bad or it’s good. I always memorize my old days and want to live that at least one more time such as school, cyclic racing, wait for the interval, homework, who will first talk to that girl, applications for leave, school functions, and then comes to graduation as it has its own image which always give me smile when I recall them by seeing old pics such as bunking of the class, assignments, surprise tests, lab, practical, results, cafeteria, annual functions, dance, passion, girls (jo har stage par payi jati hain) and then jump to the next level – my Post graduation time which taught me several things.

Serious my three years of Jaipur gave me so many experiences and taught me that life is not as it seems or you think but still I miss my PG life because it gave me many memories in the form of some unforgettable friends, class, assignments, class test, some beautiful faculties (jo mujhe bhut pasand thi), night out, wet dance in the winter @2 in the night, surprise birthday plans, journey of bus, tears, fights and many more.

And then last but not the least after PG to till the date I am feeling many changes in my life. It’s not because I became a man now, it’s because I just understand the value of life and the people who makes it more beautiful.  2014 was not so good as it gave me many bad memories complementary with some good experiences and people as I mentioned in my last post “EK AJNABI”.

Moreover life has different faces at every stage and it always gives you many things so that if you ever remember them in future then you have so many reasons to smile and cry as today I am memorizing all those moments which I have spent with many people and realized  that life is too short. Many come and many go but life always runs with the same speed and it doesn’t stop for anybody for anything.

So with this hope I really wish that this year will give you many good experiences and little bad experiences too because bad experience always teaches us many things so experience each moment because life is too short to live and too long for think so don’t think just do whatever you want to do.


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