Sidhi Baat no Bakwas – AIB Knockout

Posted: February 6, 2015 in Random
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Everyone wants to smile and a healthy living life but when in this fast facing life some small things, people are trying to reduce your worries and sorrows then what we will see only – Criticism.

Nowadays AIB Knockout is getting allegations day by day because everyone is showing his/her gentleness. As we know that India has got freedom in 1947 but in reality we are still slave for this system, society, people and political parties.


AIB Knockout was just an entertainment show in which big celebrities are having fun with each other harmonize with offensive talk and abusing words and the earning money which will come through this show will be given as charity fund to many NGO’s . But some of the greatest and respected people of our country are making this as a sin for which everyone who is related to this show should be punished and banned.

I just want to ask those people have they never abused or laugh on the adult things or I am clearing to myself have they never watched porn so they are raising their voice as it is the biggest disaster that has happened. If we turn the pages of history then we will find that most of the rapes, robberies and all illegal incidents are executed by politicians or saints.

At that time they don’t have a single word to speak over the topic otherwise they have so much to speak on. Dear people you don’t have any rights to stop anyone for doing anything because you also don’t want any one’s interference in your work/matter. If you go to a restaurant and if you are a vegetarian food lover then you can’t force to the owner of that restaurant to take down the Non Vegetarian food options from the menu. Obviously if you don’t like Non vegetarian food then you will not order, same thing I am talking about why you are messing up with this topic as it was conducted for a cause and just for fun and it didn’t criticize any particular society, community or religion so stop making it as a national issue and just mind your own business because India need efforts instead of talking nonsense things to move on.

I know many of you guys will not agree with this note but this is my thought and in India everyone has right to express their words of wisdom and feelings. Stop making perceptions and see the Reality.


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