Hay Days

Posted: March 11, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Its 7 AM in the morning and i am in the office but on the way in the cab there are lots of stuff were going into my mind.

From last one month i am really feeling very down and seeking some loneliness for converting my feelings into words. Dont know exactly what is this but i understood one thing about life is:

We never give value to our present but when it become the past it become very precious.

But due to some busy schedule and my fitness i was unable to even think about it. As of now i dont have any story about anything i am just keep writing whatever is running into my heart.

Hay days, words is so beautiful to hear and to memorize about your past days when there were no responsibilties and sarrows about life. It feels more hectic when your life become your responsibility. At that time we thought that why these things are happening to us, keep on busy with assignments, test and somewhere shaitaniya and their punishment but now when i look those days as pictures i found really happiness and relaxation.

As i am not a boy of Delhi i came here to find my goal and to achieve something which will make me a good person or good human being complementary with my career, families and ofcourse friends.

A boy who is relocated from his home town to a city of dreams where everyone comes with a vision to establish himself/herself for life and career. Some are become successful but some are not cause it all depends on your fortune,hard work and believe in yourself.

I as a person know everything i need to do for establishing myself here but its not that much easy as to write. I keep on thinking about all stuff and work towards to achieve them.

Hope i can achieve whatever i want to but i just need your guidence, support and blessings for going forward in life.


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