Last Wish…

Posted: March 19, 2016 in Random
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You are probably thinking why i am writing about this stupid topic but when you are on bed and feeling like die then same kind of thaughts can be come into your mind.

Its 9:30 AM @Home, and as usual this morning is more fresh and calm at home as everyone feels when he/ she is at his/her home. I have already donated my blood to the test boy of DR. LAL PATH LAB this morning for test. Everyone says that “When some one is talking about his/her last wish then that should be listen and fullfill”.

I know i will be allright within some weeks but today i also want to share some remarks of my Last Wish.

  • I wish after me everyone writes a small note about me share it on my facebook wall. I know its crazy cause i am not going to handle my FB after me but those who love me may be understand that what i have earned throughtout my life.
  • I wish after me those who are near and very close to me share my stories to others.
  • I wish nobody will cry after me for me but smile and proudly say that there one a boy who used to call my friend.
  • I wish after me my office mates will see my workstation and remind me there.
  • I wish my Mumma, Brother & Bhabhi will get all happiness which they deserve and nobody will say them that ‘Bada bura hua’ cause i will be always alive for them.
  • I wish my school friends (Chaddi Buddies) will always remember me while they partying and drinking.
  • I wish my college and Office friends will raise a toast for me and remind me in every “Khurapati things”.
  • I wish for the one who is close to me will get well soon and get everything which she derserves and also a happy married life.
  • I wish some of my stupid friends of Gurgaon will always party @MG Road, Saket etc.
  • I wish one of my friend who is crazy for iphone will always get the latest Iphone.
  • I wish one of my friend who supports me always will get the success as he wants.

There are lots of others but as of now these are enough so last but not the least I wish my this blog will always be alive like i will be in your heart probably.


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