Posted: April 1, 2016 in Random
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INDIA…. One word with 1.25 Cr hearts.

There is only one moment when it feels real and united India like this only at one time and that is Cricket.

It was the semifinal of World T20 which was happening in India this time. India vs West Indies–Crowd on fire and suddenly one six chnges everything. We lost the semifinal and everyone felt like a heart attack feel at the same time.

I know its just a game where victory and defeat is the part of game but in India, Cricket is like god. People worships the players and team before the matches. When Indian cricket team wins then people celebrate like a festival without thinking about relegion, caste and everything.

Even i am also witness of the same feeling because when india lost yesterday, same feeling was running into my body. At the same time i was also thinking that why this is going into my mind as i am not that much crazy lover of cricket like many others.

When people talk about cricket then we will be one but when it comes in reality we are not one even. Some people feels ashame to say Bharat Mata Ki Jai. I just wanna ask to them that their nationality is limited till the cricket only because when it comes to cricket they can murder anyone if anyone say that India will be defeated but when it comes to reality then where this anger and dignity blows away.

So i just want to request to all of them that Be Indian by heart not by game or any other source and if its about cricket then i just wanna say that we are already winner over the word in many ways. So dont judge your country if we loose one game. I Hope this article shows you the little mirror of my feeling about India.


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