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Posted: September 20, 2016 in Random, Uncategorized
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Today after such a long decade I am giving value of writing something. This is not because it has been so long to write anything for blog, it’s because I feel to share the different states of life and mind in today’s time.

You might have heard that life is a journey & we just need to keep our car moving on either in the right direction or wrong to reach to the goal but during this period of time we feels lots of ups and downs, positive & negative things which create lots of thoughts and post that outcome is either a positive or a negative person. We have born with neutral state of mind & life that’s why we always smile in childhood after defeating again and again.


I generally feel & think even for myself also that what were we and what have we become now in the race of achieving or I can say race of running without knowing the destination. When we were younger & in school then we were eager to get older to become like everyone which went to colleges and had lots of fun, post that when we were in college then we wanted to be men like others who go to office or do business and earn so well but when we are on the same page where we wanted to be on then still our hunger of be like others is not quiet down but due to whole journey from kid to man, we have forgotten to live for ourselves totally, now we have just responsibility of one work after another not even in office but wherever we are. Just run & run cause if you don’t run someone is going ahead after smashing you and you will be out of the game, this is the state of mind now a days in which we all are living now a days and eliminating the respect & humanity.

And finally once we achieve something for which we have already spent approx 80-90% our life post that we realize that we have done nothing except running by watching others and now if we want to stand up for ourselves but found all alone in the room cause there is no one with whom you can jump, smile and dance.

I read also a post on Facebook and I quote “When we kid, we think what elder will think..when we are in younger state we think what other will think and finally when we are at our final stage of life we realize that there is nobody think for you” I unquote.

In Today’s era people need other’s defeat for self happiness and if there is nothing to get then they join any extra cultural activity to keep happy now a days but do not realize that why are we so hurried and buried and what milestone they want to achieve due to which they cannot give other’s opportunities for getting success.

As of now I am also suffering with such type of environment called society in which whatever you can do but society will never let you be a human and go ahead. People of today’s era become selfish for themselves only for which he/she is seeking the happiness in throughout life and at the end nothing left except saying the last word “GOD PLEASE FOGIVE ME”.

So for this note I am not giving any philosophy class or lecture of any Baba just wanted to request that please be human first try to make other’s happy which will give you real happiness.


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