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Today after such a long decade I am giving value of writing something. This is not because it has been so long to write anything for blog, it’s because I feel to share the different states of life and mind in today’s time.

You might have heard that life is a journey & we just need to keep our car moving on either in the right direction or wrong to reach to the goal but during this period of time we feels lots of ups and downs, positive & negative things which create lots of thoughts and post that outcome is either a positive or a negative person. We have born with neutral state of mind & life that’s why we always smile in childhood after defeating again and again.


I generally feel & think even for myself also that what were we and what have we become now in the race of achieving or I can say race of running without knowing the destination. When we were younger & in school then we were eager to get older to become like everyone which went to colleges and had lots of fun, post that when we were in college then we wanted to be men like others who go to office or do business and earn so well but when we are on the same page where we wanted to be on then still our hunger of be like others is not quiet down but due to whole journey from kid to man, we have forgotten to live for ourselves totally, now we have just responsibility of one work after another not even in office but wherever we are. Just run & run cause if you don’t run someone is going ahead after smashing you and you will be out of the game, this is the state of mind now a days in which we all are living now a days and eliminating the respect & humanity.

And finally once we achieve something for which we have already spent approx 80-90% our life post that we realize that we have done nothing except running by watching others and now if we want to stand up for ourselves but found all alone in the room cause there is no one with whom you can jump, smile and dance.

I read also a post on Facebook and I quote “When we kid, we think what elder will think..when we are in younger state we think what other will think and finally when we are at our final stage of life we realize that there is nobody think for you” I unquote.

In Today’s era people need other’s defeat for self happiness and if there is nothing to get then they join any extra cultural activity to keep happy now a days but do not realize that why are we so hurried and buried and what milestone they want to achieve due to which they cannot give other’s opportunities for getting success.

As of now I am also suffering with such type of environment called society in which whatever you can do but society will never let you be a human and go ahead. People of today’s era become selfish for themselves only for which he/she is seeking the happiness in throughout life and at the end nothing left except saying the last word “GOD PLEASE FOGIVE ME”.

So for this note I am not giving any philosophy class or lecture of any Baba just wanted to request that please be human first try to make other’s happy which will give you real happiness.



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INDIA…. One word with 1.25 Cr hearts.

There is only one moment when it feels real and united India like this only at one time and that is Cricket.

It was the semifinal of World T20 which was happening in India this time. India vs West Indies–Crowd on fire and suddenly one six chnges everything. We lost the semifinal and everyone felt like a heart attack feel at the same time.

I know its just a game where victory and defeat is the part of game but in India, Cricket is like god. People worships the players and team before the matches. When Indian cricket team wins then people celebrate like a festival without thinking about relegion, caste and everything.

Even i am also witness of the same feeling because when india lost yesterday, same feeling was running into my body. At the same time i was also thinking that why this is going into my mind as i am not that much crazy lover of cricket like many others.

When people talk about cricket then we will be one but when it comes in reality we are not one even. Some people feels ashame to say Bharat Mata Ki Jai. I just wanna ask to them that their nationality is limited till the cricket only because when it comes to cricket they can murder anyone if anyone say that India will be defeated but when it comes to reality then where this anger and dignity blows away.

So i just want to request to all of them that Be Indian by heart not by game or any other source and if its about cricket then i just wanna say that we are already winner over the word in many ways. So dont judge your country if we loose one game. I Hope this article shows you the little mirror of my feeling about India.

Last Wish…

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You are probably thinking why i am writing about this stupid topic but when you are on bed and feeling like die then same kind of thaughts can be come into your mind.

Its 9:30 AM @Home, and as usual this morning is more fresh and calm at home as everyone feels when he/ she is at his/her home. I have already donated my blood to the test boy of DR. LAL PATH LAB this morning for test. Everyone says that “When some one is talking about his/her last wish then that should be listen and fullfill”.

I know i will be allright within some weeks but today i also want to share some remarks of my Last Wish.

  • I wish after me everyone writes a small note about me share it on my facebook wall. I know its crazy cause i am not going to handle my FB after me but those who love me may be understand that what i have earned throughtout my life.
  • I wish after me those who are near and very close to me share my stories to others.
  • I wish nobody will cry after me for me but smile and proudly say that there one a boy who used to call my friend.
  • I wish after me my office mates will see my workstation and remind me there.
  • I wish my Mumma, Brother & Bhabhi will get all happiness which they deserve and nobody will say them that ‘Bada bura hua’ cause i will be always alive for them.
  • I wish my school friends (Chaddi Buddies) will always remember me while they partying and drinking.
  • I wish my college and Office friends will raise a toast for me and remind me in every “Khurapati things”.
  • I wish for the one who is close to me will get well soon and get everything which she derserves and also a happy married life.
  • I wish some of my stupid friends of Gurgaon will always party @MG Road, Saket etc.
  • I wish one of my friend who is crazy for iphone will always get the latest Iphone.
  • I wish one of my friend who supports me always will get the success as he wants.

There are lots of others but as of now these are enough so last but not the least I wish my this blog will always be alive like i will be in your heart probably.

Hay Days

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Its 7 AM in the morning and i am in the office but on the way in the cab there are lots of stuff were going into my mind.

From last one month i am really feeling very down and seeking some loneliness for converting my feelings into words. Dont know exactly what is this but i understood one thing about life is:

We never give value to our present but when it become the past it become very precious.

But due to some busy schedule and my fitness i was unable to even think about it. As of now i dont have any story about anything i am just keep writing whatever is running into my heart.

Hay days, words is so beautiful to hear and to memorize about your past days when there were no responsibilties and sarrows about life. It feels more hectic when your life become your responsibility. At that time we thought that why these things are happening to us, keep on busy with assignments, test and somewhere shaitaniya and their punishment but now when i look those days as pictures i found really happiness and relaxation.

As i am not a boy of Delhi i came here to find my goal and to achieve something which will make me a good person or good human being complementary with my career, families and ofcourse friends.

A boy who is relocated from his home town to a city of dreams where everyone comes with a vision to establish himself/herself for life and career. Some are become successful but some are not cause it all depends on your fortune,hard work and believe in yourself.

I as a person know everything i need to do for establishing myself here but its not that much easy as to write. I keep on thinking about all stuff and work towards to achieve them.

Hope i can achieve whatever i want to but i just need your guidence, support and blessings for going forward in life.

I started smiling…

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I was never like that,

I never thought for someone,

I never felt for someone,

But now I started smiling…

I had the reason for smiling,

But that was not seem so mine,

When I talk to you or be with you,

Each moment seems like my treasure,

And that treasure is the reason for smiling,

I started smiling…

I Started Smiling....

I never had such feelings,

that I am feeling now when I touch your fingers,

my breath speeds up,

my heart beats faster than usual,

when I come near to you,

and that feelings are the reason for smiling,

I started smiling…

Now i do the unusual things,

I talk to mirror,

I dress up like a bride,

I see your face in messages,

I just touch you every night in my dreams,

And that touch is the reason for smiling,

I started smiling…

Everyone wants to smile and a healthy living life but when in this fast facing life some small things, people are trying to reduce your worries and sorrows then what we will see only – Criticism.

Nowadays AIB Knockout is getting allegations day by day because everyone is showing his/her gentleness. As we know that India has got freedom in 1947 but in reality we are still slave for this system, society, people and political parties.


AIB Knockout was just an entertainment show in which big celebrities are having fun with each other harmonize with offensive talk and abusing words and the earning money which will come through this show will be given as charity fund to many NGO’s . But some of the greatest and respected people of our country are making this as a sin for which everyone who is related to this show should be punished and banned.

I just want to ask those people have they never abused or laugh on the adult things or I am clearing to myself have they never watched porn so they are raising their voice as it is the biggest disaster that has happened. If we turn the pages of history then we will find that most of the rapes, robberies and all illegal incidents are executed by politicians or saints.

At that time they don’t have a single word to speak over the topic otherwise they have so much to speak on. Dear people you don’t have any rights to stop anyone for doing anything because you also don’t want any one’s interference in your work/matter. If you go to a restaurant and if you are a vegetarian food lover then you can’t force to the owner of that restaurant to take down the Non Vegetarian food options from the menu. Obviously if you don’t like Non vegetarian food then you will not order, same thing I am talking about why you are messing up with this topic as it was conducted for a cause and just for fun and it didn’t criticize any particular society, community or religion so stop making it as a national issue and just mind your own business because India need efforts instead of talking nonsense things to move on.

I know many of you guys will not agree with this note but this is my thought and in India everyone has right to express their words of wisdom and feelings. Stop making perceptions and see the Reality.

Life is too short….

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Life – as the word length is very small as its existence too but it teaches us many things. We always complaining with life that it has nothing meaning full but it has an empire of several activities. Basically it’s a cyclic process in which we get happiness and sorrow but behind each activity we get lots of new experiences.

I don’t know why I am writing this on the very first day of this year as today is the New Year and everyone wants to do party and have fun and I am writing this serious note but this is my experience till now that life is really too short as when I was a kid then I always expected that when I will be grown and enjoy like everyone does but now when I grew up then I want my childhood back.

Everyone always loves his childhood very much because at that time you don’t need to think and worry about anything regarding life, career, money, fame, and girlfriend (Of course the most serious topic now a days I must say).


As soon as we grow up life teaches us that it is not that easy and long, it’s too short and you have very less time to live it so live each moment as it’s your last either it’s bad or it’s good. I always memorize my old days and want to live that at least one more time such as school, cyclic racing, wait for the interval, homework, who will first talk to that girl, applications for leave, school functions, and then comes to graduation as it has its own image which always give me smile when I recall them by seeing old pics such as bunking of the class, assignments, surprise tests, lab, practical, results, cafeteria, annual functions, dance, passion, girls (jo har stage par payi jati hain) and then jump to the next level – my Post graduation time which taught me several things.

Serious my three years of Jaipur gave me so many experiences and taught me that life is not as it seems or you think but still I miss my PG life because it gave me many memories in the form of some unforgettable friends, class, assignments, class test, some beautiful faculties (jo mujhe bhut pasand thi), night out, wet dance in the winter @2 in the night, surprise birthday plans, journey of bus, tears, fights and many more.

And then last but not the least after PG to till the date I am feeling many changes in my life. It’s not because I became a man now, it’s because I just understand the value of life and the people who makes it more beautiful.  2014 was not so good as it gave me many bad memories complementary with some good experiences and people as I mentioned in my last post “EK AJNABI”.

Moreover life has different faces at every stage and it always gives you many things so that if you ever remember them in future then you have so many reasons to smile and cry as today I am memorizing all those moments which I have spent with many people and realized  that life is too short. Many come and many go but life always runs with the same speed and it doesn’t stop for anybody for anything.

So with this hope I really wish that this year will give you many good experiences and little bad experiences too because bad experience always teaches us many things so experience each moment because life is too short to live and too long for think so don’t think just do whatever you want to do.

Ek Ajnabi…

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Before starting I just want to tell you that this is a respectful thanks to one of my close and sweet friend who gave me inspiration for expressing the things in words. Hope you like it!

It was 12 in the night and I was in my bed sudden I found a ping on my Hike. Well it was a message of one of my old school friend after a long time. We used to talk in school days but after completion of study we have got out of reach in terms of contact. At that time I was totally out of my mind due to some tragedy and of course for my career issues so I was not feeling comfortable.

As I told you she was one of my school friends and you can’t hide anything with your friends. She also caught me and asked that is there everything alright? I was predicting that everything is cool but she insisted me to share with her so I told everything to her. After the end of whole conversation she advised me that Why don’t you come to Delhi and do something. I also felt that this can help me to get over from these circumstances so after one and half week I came to Delhi.

We were about to meet after 6 years so I was very excited. She invited me in a coffee bar near to her apartment so I went there. As we know that girls can’t come on time anywhere I had to wait almost half an hour. I had almost measured each and every corner of that coffee bar, sudden gate open and I saw my friend and I just said in me “WOW”.

With straight hair and slim figure she was looking so beautiful than before. She came with her friend who really attracted me towards her smile. They came to me and we exchanged greeting and sat down. “This is really an unpredictable thing that we are together after 6 years” my friend said. I nodded!

my inspiration

She introduced me with her best friend and roomie and all we three started talking. We were reminding our school days and cycle races and masti time whatever we used to do in school days.  In the middle of our conversation I was watching secretly to her as I told that I just love the way she smiled. I was enjoying and having good time after a long time.

I know you all are thinking that I was in love with that girl but this is not true I just wanted to her and want to make her my good friend. Even after that day we had chatted daily on Facebook and met but I dint feel anything in love type for her.

I don’t know whether I can write or not but I love to observe the things and express it in words. She had always forced me to write and use my writing skills more and more. I just wrote some quotes only but she helped me to write more as we used to talk daily and she scolded me that why you run away from this.

One day she called me and asked for the help in a very tense mode. I was very surprised that what happened so I asked her what sort of help you need. She replied that she needs an article based on real story urgently otherwise she will be scolded by her sir. So I just open my laptop and start writing for her without thinking of anything. At that time I dint know what to write so I explained her about my past complimentary with my feelings and send to her. When she read that article she regretted so much because she dint want to hurt me. Actually I was not hurt I was sharing about my past which she wanted to know. After that she called me and said that she was just predicting for making me realize that I can write and if i don’t start writing from now onwards for myself than I will lost her and I just don’t want to lose such a friend. So for her I made a blog which is in front of you – Heart Faces.  It’s a mirror of my views or imagination whatever I feel and now a day it has become my inspiration.

I can’t reveal her name due to some issues but I just want to thank her for being a part of my life. Sometimes strangers become inspiration for you as we met as strangers but within no time she has become one of my closest friends as I know her from her birth. I always wanted to write about her but I don’t have words to describe her even now I am totally blank to write about her.  I don’t know whether you will see it or not but you are the only inspiration of mine, thank you for everything you did for me.

A girl in the rain….

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This is a story of last monsoon when I saw her first time; I was in the Jaipur and at the month of July when everyone wants some sprinkling cause of hot weather.

It was too hot on that day and everyone is praying for the rain, at that time I was in my balcony and thought about the many issues went on my life. I saw her very first time she was in her balcony of her home too and staring the sky as she is talking to direct lord Indra..i know it sounds funny but it’s true.

Her eyes were expressing everything that how was she is bothering about the summer and the hotness of the weather, I was gazing at her and notice every activity very sharply cause if I stared at her continuously then she might thought about me the most common word for boys – “Tharki”.

Finally as I said already that she was talking to the lord Indra directly, I understood it that lord Indra can’t ignore her cuteness and eagerness of such beauty. I felt some drops on my face suddenly, I saw towards the sky and I was amazed that there are lots of black clouds over the sky and ready for the heavy rain.

As we know that everyone loves rain I was also excited to see that, for the mean while it’s started raining, I saw toward her balcony but she was not there suddenly I saw a glimpse of her over the terrace so I ran away to my terrace to see her, I don’t know why I was doing these unusual activities; at that time nothing was going in my mind I just wanted to see her again at any cost, So I went to my terrace and I saw her in front of me.

I dint see such type of things in my life ever she was feeling the rain and dancing like a kid. I saw her mobile was put on the table and there is a song played in her cellphone. The Volume was slow so I dint listen clearly that song but some music was playing.

The best part of that scene is that she was playing her hairs again and again by putting them around her neck and then she was lost in thinking of something and suddenly smiled and started dance again and again. I was covering the whole incident into my eyes without noticed by her. After some time some little came over the terrace and started enjoying the rain. There were various different type of kids or I can say creature (lolzz), some were fatty some were little but all were very cute and energetic, even one of them was slapping on his tummy and dance like Salman Khan’s  “Dhinka Chika” song.

Everyone was feeling a great actor in themselves among them and did their own choreographed dancing steps and activities; I was unable to stop myself to laugh so I came out to the terrace. By sudden that girl in the rain saw me in the rain, I was feeling very nervous like I have done very serious sin. We saw into each other’s eyes and she started laughing by seeing to me, I was all confused that what is going on but then I realized that I was all wet in the rain cause of looking at her. I was escaping of being wet but in front of her cuteness I was wet in the rain. But somehow I was feeling good cause she noticed me at least (boys innocence notice karne par hi khush ho jate hain ).

Then she invited me to come there and enjoyed the rain and I was feeling like some angel was inviting me to the heaven. I went there near to her at that time we have met first time, we exchanged greetings and started dancing on many songs, on that I day I got my new friend in the city.

New Birth of her life – A Bride

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“Ladkiya Paraya Dhan Hoti Hain” an old line always comes from the heart of every girl’s parents. Marriage is a different feeling for a girl. She could not decide whether she should be happy or sad because one side she will go to the another world where she will find a new place and a new name of her life and on the other side she has to leave her parents and close once of her family forever. Really the parents of a girls should be saluted by everyone because they serve , care , and give good antiquates to a girl to make others happy.


On the other side when a bride is getting ready for her marriage there are lots of memories goes on her mind, all mess up, happinesses, illness, schools, crush as well as some times last love too. But apart from that memories, these feelings give her a new strength to live happy and to give a new and better lesson to her children too. It has been said that only a girl can hold a house together. Marriage of a girl is like a new birth for her cause everything she has taught in her life she has to use them to be a part of other’s life. To see her daughter as a bride is the dream of a girl’s parent because this is the best result of her love and care that she is going to a strange place and be a part of that home forever.

Although i am a boy but still i have seen and observed this feeling of a girl and trying to give some words to them which is truly respectable.